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We are the company founded by throwers for throwers. DXB-Sport presents a collection of copyright knives from the most famous Russian throwers, world and European champions, as well as DXB own developments. Knives, which appeared as a result of many years of experience in different styles (spin/nospin/half spin), participation in competitions and teaching people to throw knives and axes.

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We cooperate with:

Dmitry 'The Bear' Melnikov

Dmitry 'The Bear' Melnikov is a knife throwing world champion. The owner of 2 world records. The author of Melnikov knives concept and one of the most famous throwing knife designer.

Artem Dmitriev

Artem is a NOSPIN world champion. The winner of multiple clubs disciplines and the owner of official master of Knife Throwing  sports title in Russia.

Olga Fedina

Olga Fedina is the heiress of the style of nospin throwing SKANF. Widely known all over the world as an inimitable and beauty lady-thrower.

Metatel KC

One of the most popular throwers on YouTube and TikTok, Metatel KC, a showman who can throw anything